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The secrets of a shop that just does it, right!

Recently, Lynn and I had the pleasure of going back to work with a long time customer for another week. The success of this company is absolutely nothing short of staggering. The company I’m talking about is Hunter trim and cabinet Co. of Fort Worth Texas and the man in charge is Dustin Hunter. From […]

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3 Ways to Fail

There are volumes written on what we need to do to succeed, So I’m going to take a slightly different approach and outline the 3 keys to ensuring you fail. Perhaps this perspective will resonate differently and help get you going on the track you need to be on. Step 1: Stay in your comfort […]

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There are more than just the 8 wastes!

If you’re practising lean in your organization, it is almost a certainty that you have heard of the eight deadly wastes. And in all likelihood, you even have them memorized. If you really got it together you talk about them every day with your team and how to reduce or eliminate them. We hear those […]

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Do you have a control point?

Would you say your factory is completely under control? You know exactly what’s going on at each station, your people know where they should be, and when, everyone knows whether they’re having a good day or a bad day in a glance and you know exactly what data to base every decision in the entire […]

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We’re going lean how do I tell my people?

It’s pretty unlikely you just woke up in the morning and decided hey I’m gonna take my company on this lean adventure, I should tell everyone today. Probably you read a bunch of books, mentioned it to your leadership team and spoke to a few key employees. Then undoubtedly that disseminates through the ranks and […]

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Process V.S. People

We got this question last week, that sparked some wonderful debate in the Quantum lean community. “What percentage of time should I spend on the process V.S. the people”. All too often people are looking for a black and white formula to apply to a problem, and it’s seldom the case, particularly when it comes […]

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Lets get reading… 3 suggestions to get your whole team reading books

Although times are changing and there could probably be a case made for YouTube and social media, however most of our information still comes from Books. There are countless volumes written on the subject of manufacturing and or lean manufacturing. I’m sure as you’re reading this a few titles are popping into mind. As manufacturers […]

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Are You Overimplementing?

Since it’s in the best interest of every business to improve, I’d be willing to bet whether you state the claim “we are on a lean journey” or you just wake up every day trying to make your business better, there is likely a flurry of activity with people making improvements on the shop floor, […]

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How did your management team come to be?

The lesson we’re about to discuss in this article as one I really could’ve used about 30 years ago when I got started in manufacturing. A large percentage of businesses grow organically over time, and quite often there hangs a picture in the office somewhere of the founder working away in a garage. And as […]

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The first thing you should do. The last thing you will do….And you will wish you did it first!

Everyones lean journey starts in a different place for a different reason, at a different time. Regardless of when or why, all the same rules apply, and underlying almost every lean principle is Standard work. What is “Standard Work”? In short, it is creating, and documenting a way of doing a task. The fundamental principle […]

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